24 Jul 2023

Extended Warranty. If you buy a Mac, get AppleCare+, which extends the warranty from one year to three.

Essential Hardware

Besides what came in the Macintosh box, you will need some other hardware. Some places I buy equipment: Apple Online Store,, Other World Computing, physical Apple Store.

If you have a laptop, you probably want a bag for it: I have liked bags by be.ez and STM. Amazon has some basic laptop bags that are less expensive. I use a cheap USB mouse with my laptop. (Wireless mice need new AA batteries every couple of weeks; you can use rechargeable batteries and a charger.)

Essential Software


There is a lot of free software available for the Mac. Some of it is more trouble than it is worth. Be conservative. Here are a few that I use.

Comes with the Mac


These cost money.

Essential Web sites

Here are some web sites I use often. Some require signup or accounts. You can add shortcuts to your favorites to your browser's bookmarks bar.

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