Lesson Two

Get Apple Software Up To Date

Chose App Store... from the apple menu, select Updates, and install them until it says it has no more to do.

software update

Add Your Printer

Select  ► System Preferences... ► Print & Scan. Click the plus sign to add your printer.

control panel

Check that you can print. Then right click on the printer icon in the dock, and select Auto Quit.

Install Firefox or Chrome

How to find, download, install and configure a new application. This is an example of a set of skills you will need. (You could also install Google Chrome, using a similar method.)

Firefox or Chrome is better than Safari for most web browsing. You can also install add-ons to change how your browser behaves, discussed in Lesson Three.

Install purchased Applications

You probably bought Microsoft Office, and maybe some other commercial applications. Install each one by downloading a file and following instructions. Visit app preferences and set up anything that you need to change from the default.

Copy Your Data Onto Your Computer

See moving data for a cookbook on how to load data from an old computer.

Turn On Backup

Plug in your external hard drive and enable Time Machine to start backup. (If you forgot to buy a hard drive, do this soon.) Your first Time Machine backup will take a long time, like overnight, and the computer will work hard while it is running. Be patient.

control panel

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