iPads and iPhones

You can manage your Apple iPads and iPhones using iTunes on your Mac and a USB cable, or by using the App Store application on your device. If you sync your Address Book to iCloud, you can have synchronized address books on all devices on your iCloud account.


In New York, most crime is down, but theft of Apple devices is up. There are many stories of thieves grabbing iPhones out of people's hands. Phones and tablets also get lost by travelers.

I recommend that you have a password on your device. This will make it less useful to a finder or thief.

In Settings ► iCloud, turn ON Find My iPad or Find My iPhone. If this setting is on, and your device gets lost, you can track it by logging in to your Apple ID on www.icloud.com from the Safari web browser and selecting Find My iPhone. (For some readon this does not work from Firefox.) If it is found, you can play a sound on it, or erase its contents, or put it into "lost mode," which locks it with a passcode and displays a message and phone number.

Make sure you are backing up your device to iCloud.

Make a custom Lock Screen for your devices. Mine say "Property of ..." and display my picture and phone number. That way, if someone picks up my device, they will know whose it is, and how to get it back to me.

Keep a list of what accounts and passwords are on the device in case it does go astray.

Keep a list of the make, model, and serial numbers of your devices somewhere safe.

If Your Device is Stolen

This article tells you how to turn on Find My iPhone, and what to do if your device is stolen. How to enable the "Kill Switch" on your iPhone or iPad, right now!

Change all passwords that the iPhone or iPad contained. for example:

If your device contained any credit card numbers, consider reporting the cards lost and getting new ones. For example, the credit card linked to your iTunes account.

If the device had a cellular data plan, call your phone company and have them shut off access by the device. (You will want the serial number and IMEI of the stolen device.)

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