Photoshop Prints Garbage

In 2008, we noticed that when we printed from Photoshop, we got an error page with "no bounding box" or many pages of garbage. Printing to PDF from Photoshop and printing the PDF in Acrobat or Preview worked.

This was on Mac OS X 10.5.2, Photoshop CS3, printing to both an HP LaserJet 6MP connected via a D-Link DP101P+ print server, or an HP Color LaserJet.

Other people on the Adobe forums had this problem, but there was no fix posted.

The cause of the problem is that Photoshop CS3 is sending binary PostScript to the print server without any metadata, so the printer thinks it is getting ASCII PostScript.

The solution is to add a second LPD printer in the Print + Fax control panel, named something like COLOR-PRT, with the same IP address, but with the print queue name of BINPS, for use by Photoshop. The name BINPS is magic: it causes the decoding of the binary PostScript.

The problem was fixed by Adobe in CS5.

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