These are the things I want my friends and family to know about their Macs.



You have to do it.

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Urgent: read this and use caution!

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Trouble Shooting

What to do when you have trouble.

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Which Mac to Buy

Decide which Mac is best for you.

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Hardware and software to get.

howto 2016-06-25

Lesson One

If you're new to the Mac.

howto 2015-09-20

Lesson Two

Install software and start backup.

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Lesson Three

Customizing your Mac.

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OS X 10.12.

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Using iTunes

How I use iTunes.

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Using a Mac for programming.

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Good ways to manage your photos.

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Initial setup

First time you boot a new Mac.

howto 2017-08-11

El Capitan

OS X 10.11.

howto 2017-07-03

Loss Protection

If your computer is lost or stolen.

howto 2017-06-03

Home Network

Hooking your computers together.

howto 2017-03-05

Router Hijacking

Security of your home Internet connections.

howto 2016-12-12


Accessing and converting music.

cool 2016-06-25

Big TV

Pictures and music using a Mac Mini.

cool 2016-06-25

Encrypting Files

Storing your private data safely.

howto 2014-12-19

Key Strokes

Useful keystrokes you might not know about.

howto 2014-10-25


Apple's online service.

howto 2014-01-21


Running Windows in a VM on your Mac.

howto 2013-12-18

Keep Up To Date

Updating your software.

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Useful Mac-related web sites

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